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Break-In Above East Village 7-Eleven Construction Site

Robbery Above East Village 7-ElevenPolice arrested four young men Friday night for allegedly breaking into an apartment above the 7-Eleven construction site on 11th Street at Avenue A.

The four men allegedly broke into the apartment of a sleeping woman and left with a suitcase containing her computer, iPad and other items. Neighbors believe the burglars took advantage of the exposed plywood structure and broken security light at the 7-Eleven construction site to gain access to the apartment.

A resident on 11th Street reports to us she was awoken by screams and flashlights on Friday night and quickly told her husband to call the police. She saw people on the lower roof between the 7-Eleven building and the building next door  When she shouted out her window at them, the men identified themselves as NYPD. After a brief search, the police caught the suspects hiding in the nearby air shaft passage. Brief video of the investigation can be seen here.

Calls to 311 about the broken light were made. When we passed by the 7-Eleven construction site today, one of the two lights was still out.

The building was previously owned by Ben Shaoul of Magnum Real Estate Group and was recently sold to Jared Kushner of Kushner Companies.

7-Eleven Security Light Broken

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