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Berkeley Prevents 7-Eleven From Pulling an All-Nighter

7-Eleven in BerkeleyManhattan isn’t the only place pushing back against 7-Eleven. In California, Berkeley’s Zoning Adjustments Board was successful at preventing a new 7-Eleven from staying open all night after concerns over the negative impact the 7-Eleven might have on local crime and safety.

“Berkeley’s Zoning Adjustments Board on Thursday approved 7-Eleven’s application to open a store at 2000 San Pablo Ave. (at University) with an ATM machine and some design changes, but said it did not want the store to be open 24 hours.

The ZAB Board listened to comments from around 25 residents and merchants of the west Berkeley neighborhood whose nexus is the intersection of San Pablo and University where the store would be located. The majority were opposed to a 7-Eleven coming into the area. Their concerns, which were also raised at a community meeting at the proposed 7-Eleven site on Jan. 8, centered on the negative impact such a store might have on local crime and safety, in particular if it was open all night.”

Neighbors are also concerned how the 7-Eleven would impact their local businesses. The area has a significant mix of ethnic food stores and restaurants and was designated an international food district by the city several years ago. 7-Eleven, on the other hand, has a significant mix of junk food.

Zoning Board approves new 7-Eleven, but not 24-hours [Berkeleyside]

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