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Junk Food Extravaganza at 7-Eleven 171 Madison Ave

7-Eleven 171 Madison Avenue

Junk food! Junk food! Junk food!

7-Eleven spokesperson Margaret Chabris sure has some explaining to do!

For months Chabris has been talking about New York City’s “underserved”  neighborhoods and how she and her Texas-based 7-Eleven chains are going to bring healthier food options to NYC –  as if Manhattan is some third-world country in need of fresh food and drinking water. Walking past this 7-Eleven at 171 Madison Avenue today, we couldn’t help but notice the cornucopia of junk food being advertised in the window. Mini Tacos! Pizza! More Mini Tacos! More pizza! It’s almost as healthy looking as the 7-Eleven website and their nifty new junk food app!

To be fair, there’s nothing wrong with pizza or tacos. But as 7-Eleven plans an additional 100 locations for Manhattan, the reason for the invasion, they claim, is New York City is “underserved” and they are bringing healthy eating options to us. Is there any neighborhood in Manhattan currently facing a pizza shortage? Is pizza considered healthy? So far the only thing 7-Eleven has done is push out local business and create a crime-friendly corner of urban blight. The corporate talk and the reality of what’s taking place doesn’t add up.

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