No 7-Eleven

Resisting Chain Stores and Corporate Control

Reminder: ‘No 7-Eleven’ Meeting Tonight

No 7-Eleven Meeting TonightSupport Local Business! Protect Our Neighborhood from 7-Eleven!

Time: 6:30-8:00PM
Location: 93 St. Marks Place (Btwn 1st and Ave. A)

As you may have heard, the Texas-based company 7-Eleven is opening a new location at 170 Avenue A at the corner of 11th Street.

7-Eleven has already opened 32 locations in Manhattan. 7-Eleven has an additional 100 stores on the way!

So far 7-Eleven has put two local businesses – one in Gramercy and one in Chelsea – out of business.

Their plan is to over saturate the neighborhood with locations and remove any and all competition.

If you are concerned about protecting East Village businesses from 7-Eleven’s aggressive expansion plan please attend tonight’s meeting.

As Ken Barnes, 7-Eleven’s director of northeast regional development, says we are a “target.”

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