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7-Eleven Strikes Again! Kills Mom and Pop in Chelsea

7-Eleven 302 8th AvenueWe heard the rumors that 7-Eleven put Kyung’s Gourmet Deli out of business but today we get verification.

Via Vanishing New York we learn the Mom & Shop closed which isn’t surprising.  Back in January the owner of Kyung’s Gourmet Deli told Market Place Business that his sales dropped 25% since a 7-Eleven opened right next door!

“I don’t know. I don’t know why they do that to me?” [owner Kyung Chan Yu] says as he stands in the corner deli in Chelsea he’s owned for years.

After 7-Eleven opened next door recently, his sales are down 25 percent.

“Time by time, little by little, they’re taking my customers,” he laments.

Earlier this month we told you about Gramercy Corner,  another Mom & Pop who were pushed out by a 7-Eleven, again, opening right next door!

Margaret Chabris, 7-Eleven’s spokesperson, loves to tell the press how 7-Eleven is gracing “underserved” neighborhood with their presence.

This is why No 7-Eleven! 

By threatening the free market through sheer volume, 7-Eleven is the corporate equivalent of a top-level predator which, having no natural enemies, invades and overwhelms local ecosystems and destroys native species.

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