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No 7-Eleven for Avenue A

7-Eleven - East Village, NYCThank Heaven No 7-Eleven? We are getting word 7-Eleven may have given up on their problematic future location on Avenue A. A contractor working at the site is telling people the location will not be a 7-Eleven because of the protests. Says a tipster:

I asked the contractor very pointedly whether it would be a 7-Eleven. He said that originally he had expected it would be a 7-Eleven, but now he has no idea anymore. He’s just constructing a white box. About a week later I asked one of the construction workers. He said it wouldn’t be a 7-Eleven because of all the local protests.

The location remains on their recently updated list of available 7-Eleven franchises in New York. Originally, the location was set to open in May, then it was pushed back to June, then again it was  pushed back to November, now it’s listed as opening in September.

One down, 99 more to go?


Via EV Grieve: Margaret Chabris, the corporate communications director at 7-Eleven, told Billy Gray at the Commercial Observer “that reports of the swiftly expanding convenience chain moving on from 500 East 11th Street were based ‘purely [on] hearsay and speculation.'”

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