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7-Eleven Charged with False ‘Natural’ Advertising


7-Eleven Shuts Down False ‘Natural’ Advertising Lawsuit

Convenience store chain 7-Eleven Inc. was about to join a growing list of companies that have been sued for mislabeling their food products with the term ‘natural’ and other deceptive marketing claims. But, not today.

According to, a federal judge in California has dismissed a proposed class action lawsuit filed against 7-Eleven for allegedly mislabeling its private label food products. The specifically named 7-Select potato chips, 7-Select Ice Cream, 7-Select Cheese Jalapenos, and Fresh to Go Parfait. A Judge in California said that the consumers who bough the lawsuit were not specific enough in their allegations.

Consumers who filed the class action suit against 7-Eleven in 2012, alleged that the labeling on several of the company’s food products, as well as websites related to the products, contain statements amounting to “misbranding” and “deception” in violation of California and federal laws. Specifically, consumers alleged that 7-Eleven did not comply with state and federal regulations when making nutrient content claims; making “all natural” and “fresh” claims; failing to disclose the presence of artificial colors and flavors; and using allegedly “slack-filled” containers to deceive consumers into believing they are receiving more than they actually are. The goes on to allege that the “illegal conduct … has resulted in unjust profits.”

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