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7-Eleven Application Withdrawn in New Providence

New Jersey Fights 7-Eleven and Wins7-Eleven Application Withdrawn in New Providence

A 7-Eleven will not be constructed on South Street in New Providence.

Property owner Seyfo Hawi Realty has pulled an application to build a 3,010-square-foot outlet next to Barth’s Market after postponements at the Planning Board level and criticism from some municipal officials, the Alternative Press reported.

Seyfo Hawi Realty had sought preliminary and final major site plan approval and minor subdivision approval to put a branch of the national convenience store chain on the parking lot of the Provident Bank.

However, the applicant retains the right to again pitch the 7-Eleven plan.

The application was withdrawn “without prejudice; that means they can come back with another application at some point,” Planning Board secretary Margaret Koontz told


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