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NY Franchisee Sues 7-Eleven Inc.; Lost $420K in 20 Months

Another franchisee lawsuit has been filed against 7-Eleven Inc.

NY franchisees Michael Governara and Stefanie Governara are suing 7-Eleven, Inc. claiming that they were deceptively sold into a franchise scheme that turned them into wrongly classified, uncompensated employees rather than business owners, that they were promised training and support they never received, and that they were terminated after investing nearly half a million dollars.

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Marks & Klein Standing Up for 7-Eleven Franchisees

Insider franchising news and views, uncensored NJ law firm contends 7-Eleven franchisees are misclassified employees

Red Bank, NJ franchisee law firm Marks & Klein is defending 7-Eleven franchisees from alleged unfair termination, and is spearheading class action lawsuits alleging that the 7-Eleven franchise program is, in actuality, an employment scam:

NJ Lawsuit Claims 7-Eleven Franchise Program is an Employment Scam



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7-Eleven Franchisees Frustrated With FOA Leaders’ Silence, Inaction

7-Eleven franchisees are expressing disappointment, frustration and anger at FOA & NCASEF leaders who (they contend) remain silent as they are attacked in the media and, some believe, by their own franchisor.

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