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Thank Heaven! A 7-Eleven AC Unit Outside Your Bedroom Window!

7-Eleven New York City location7-Eleven continues to aggravate their new East Village neighbors, this time with ill-placed AC units outside their bedroom windows.

Between 500 and 502 East 11th Street there is a narrow alley originally created to allow air circulation between the two buildings which were built sometime in the late 1800s/early 1900s. 7-Eleven has dug down into the alley and installed cement pillars and i-beams to hold three massive AC units which go off at 15 minute intervals. Writes a neighbor:

“The units make a loud “WHOOSHING” noise every 15 minutes and since all the bedrooms are located off the alley, there has not been much sleeping going on in either building. The units are also blocking light and part of a window on the first floor of 502 East 11th Street.”

Tenants have suggested 7-Eleven move the AC units to the roof of the building.

The 7-Eleven has caused nothing but misery for the tenants who live in the building. In April, 4 men raided the apartment of a sleeping woman above the 7-Eleven. It’s believed they took advantage of the exposed plywood structure and broken security light at the 7-Eleven construction site to gain access to the apartment.

Residents in the building are taking Kushner Companies to housing court for failing to provide basic services like heat, hot water and a locked front door during construction. Construction work also caused huge cracks in the walls of this apartment.

Another resident on the street referred to the 7-Eleven as a “neighborhood disgrace” after it fell into disrepair during a construction hiatus.

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