No 7-Eleven

Resisting Chain Stores and Corporate Control

Photos From Yesterday’s ‘No 7-Eleven’ Rally





Neighbors came out yesterday urging people in the community to boycott the 7-Eleven opening soon at the corner of 11th Street and Avenue A. 7-Eleven was recently slapped with two Stop Work Orders by the NYC Department of Buildings for installing large AC units 14 inches from residents windows and for blocking a fire escape.

The 7-Eleven construction site has caused nothing but trouble for residents in the building. In April, 4 men took advantage of a broken security light and the makeshift plywood barrier around the 7-Eleven to raid a female tenant’s apartment in the middle of the night. Other residents complain the construction work caused these large cracks to form up the walls of their apartment.

The 7-Eleven is scheduled to open in the next few days. Westminster is the building’s property manager.


Photos: Michael Paul

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