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West Islip Fights New 7-Eleven and Wins

7-Eleven West Islip

Town Planning Board Rejects West Islip 7-Eleven

The decision is in: No 7-Eleven will be built on the corner of Udall and Muncey Roads in West Islip as the Islip Town Planning board has voted down a proposal that had been loudly opposed by residents for nearly two years and which was initially proposed in 2009.

The board, according to a Newsday report, voted 4-2 against the proposal last Thursday after reserving decision on the project in July, 2012 to review and assess traffic concerns cited by residents.

Property owners Jon Halperin, Peter Halperin and Stephen Halperin had sought a change of zone from a Business 1 District to a Business 3 District and a Planning Board Special Permit for a convenience store. The report states that the property owners may appeal the board decision.

The last public hearing on the project, held in July, 2012, was attended by dozens of Wst Islip residents who expressed concerns about traffic issues and safety issues.


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