No 7-Eleven

Resisting Chain Stores and Corporate Control

When DOES This Corporate Blight Open?

7-Eleven New York

Photo: Michael Paul

No time soon! 7-Eleven, the Texas-based based gas/beer/cigarette chain, was originally scheduled to open its East Village location in May only to have their opening date pushed to June, then to November and now October. However, there’s still the complicated matter of the various Partial Stop Work Orders in place.

In order for construction to resume at 7-Eleven, a NYC DOB inspector said the 3 industrial size AC units will have to be moved at least 14 feet away from the apartment windows. Currently they are 14 INCHES away from the apartment windows.

7-Eleven New York City location

The Department of Environmental Protection is hauling the property manager of 170 Avenue A – Westminster Management – into court over the external refrigeration units. The refrigeration units also have to be moved because they block passage to a fire escape. The DEP has ordered the units to be turned off but 7-Eleven is above the law so they continue to run 24/7.

The 7-Eleven continues to sit vacant and boarded up as it has most of the year, continuing to be little more than an eye-sore for the neighborhood and a lightening rod of controversy for the corporation. One has to wonder, with all the aggravation its presence has caused for the neighborhood, 7-Eleven and Westminster Management, is it really worth it?

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