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Westminster Management VS 7-Eleven

Westminster VS 7-ElevenWestminster Management is the property manager for 170 Avenue A, the location of the new 7-Eleven. Workers onsite at 7-Eleven claim it is in fact Westminster who is responsible for racking up the Partial Stop Work Orders issued this month by the NYC DOB for 7-Eleven’s placement of 3 industrial AC units 14 inches from residents windows. The DEP is taking Westminster Management to court over the refrigeration unit on the roof which blocks access to a fire escape. Earlier this month, 7-Eleven brazenly disobeyed the Partial Stop Work Orders and marched on with their construction as caught on camera by a neighbor.

7-Eleven spokesperson, Margaret Chabris, has been suspiciously quiet on the Partial Stop Work Orders issue, probably due to her non-stop damage control relating to press confusion surrounding 7-Eleven’s mysterious new guinea pig store, all those health code violations in DC, the human trafficking scandal, distancing the company from employees weilding guns and a bloody clown robbery. Seriously, reading the news on 7-Eleven is like watching a COPS marathon on SPIKE TV.

7-Eleven Manhattan

Anyway… EV Grieve has a post this morning with some interior shots of the 7-Eleven. The sad Slurpee shack sits lifeless at the cost of $30k per month. Yes, that’s what 7-Eleven is currently paying for the space. There isn’t a franchisee slotted for the store either. So, the question remains, who is responsible for correcting the host of issues preventing the 7-Eleven from opening, Westminster or 7-Eleven? Since neither side is talking we’ll just have to wait and see. One thing we know for sure, there is no way this 7-Eleven is opening by October 31st.

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