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Work Continues Tonight at 7-Eleven

7-Eleven New York

7-Eleven New York

New photos this evening of the work taking place inside the East Village 7-Eleven. Blue Line contractors can be seen installing counters while a woman lingers by the Slurpee machines, apparently taste testing all of the flavors as well as a selection of candy. What a job! And we hope you washed your hands missy!

Earlier today, the chatty 7-Eleven employees told passer-byers they were planning on opening tomorrow despite not having a sign in place and the store being enveloped in blue plywood. Calls were made to both 311 and the NYC DOB because, if this store opens, a sign will have to go up and the plywood will have to come down and neither of those things can happen – legally – with the Partial Stop Work Orders in place. But this is 7-Eleven, they are above the law!

This is about to get interesting.

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