No 7-Eleven

Resisting Chain Stores and Corporate Control


7-Eleven New YorkIn case you missed it the new 7-Eleven blew into town over night. Today, 7-Eleven violated several Partial Stop Work Orders by removing the plywood exterior and installing one eye-sore of a sign.

Margaret Chabris, 7-Eleven’s spokesperson, said 7-Eleven has a “special downtown, urban format for our stores that lends itself to Manhattan.” They apparently left it in Texas! They also damaged residents’ apartments, created a crime-friendly exterior and installed 3 industrial AC units in a narrow alley 14 INCHES FROM THE RESIDENTS BEDROOM WINDOWS.

Then tonight, as streets are full of kids and parents trick or treating and almost every store has people handing out candy, a neighbor walks by the new 7-Eleven, which has about 7-8 employees inside. They see a kid walk out with a bag of candy and when asked what he got, he said, “Nuthin.'” Yes, the mecca of junk food doesn’t even give out candy on Halloween.

Let’s give 7-Eleven the warm welcome they deserve with a rally this evening at 9PM sharp at 11th Street and Avenue A. Bring a friend, be LOUD, and let these Texas-based human traffickers know they are not wanted nor needed in our neighborhood!

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