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7-Eleven Sign Snatcher Caught On Tape

7-Eleven Sign SnatcherLocal favorite watering hole Hi-Fi is now being harassed by angry 7-Eleven employees and/or their delinquent friends for hanging a ‘Stop 7-Eleven’ sign in their window. In an earlier post today, we wrote about 7-Eleven employees and/or their friends removing ‘Boycott 7-Eleven’ signs from street poles and the windows of local businesses. In the past two days Hi-Fi has had several negative encounters with people possibly associated with 7-Eleven coming into their bar and causing trouble. You can read about it here.

Hi-Fi feels they are being singled out and they want the confrontations to stop before they escalate any further. Hi-Fi is not part of our group nor have they ever attended any rally. The 7-Eleven employees may be focused on Hi-Fi because they are the only business that has gone into 7-Eleven to confront their employees about the removal of the signs. Rightfully so, but this situation has nothing to do with our group or protests.

On a side note, we want to address something. All of our protests have been civil. When 7-Eleven opened last week we held a rally outside the store that night. We spoke with the security guard on staff and told him we were there for a peaceful protest, shook hands and went about our business. At one point two employees came out – one very friendly, the other rather angry – and offered us food. We thanked them, declined the food and explained our protest was not about them, it was about 7-Eleven. At no point were ANY of us rude to the employees of 7-Eleven. When we held our regularly scheduled Sunday rally, another employee came out and asked us if we needed anything. We politely declined the offer, thanked him and continued our rally. We are not responsible for spitting on windows or scrawling illegible graffiti on the building. Our rallies have always been peaceful, non-violent, non-destructive and will continue to be.

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