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Watch Out Michael’s, There’s A New Craft Shop In Town!

7-Eleven Gets Crafty!What’s a chain to do when there’s few customers to serve and an over abundance of free time? Crafts!

The bored employees at the new East Village 7-Eleven, or their friends, have taken it upon themselves to systematically remove the ‘Boycott 7-Eleven’ signs from the neighborhood – hey, free speech kids! – and get crafty with them.  Several readers have noted the presence of an altered ‘Boycott 7-Eleven’ hanging in the 7-Eleven store window last night. How cute! Hearts!

No More Crafts!
But look! All gone!

Speaking of gone, several local business have told us 7-Eleven employees, or their friends, are ripping down ‘Boycott 7-Eleven’ signs from the windows of their shops. Twig Hair Salon on 11th Street had a ‘Boycott 7-Eleven’ flyer in their window and said a boy ran up and snatched it while proclaiming his love for the diabetes depot. Across the street the bar Hi-Fi had a similar experience when an employee ran across the street and ripped their sign down. It’s rumored there may be video footage!

But don’t fret! There are more signs on the way! There’s a ‘Dont even think about coming in here with a slurpie!’ sign in the works for the neighboring Tompkins Square Bagels and the Hi-Fi Facebook page has a post making it quite clear 7-Eleven products and branding are not welcome in their establishment, “Attn customers & employees: Spend your $$ however you choose, but 7/11 logos are not allowed inside: no cups,bags,napkins,food wrappers, etc.” Yay Hi-Fi!

7-Eleven has been open a mere 5 days and already their rogue employees are starting shit with local businesses. But should this surprise us? After all, when the bossman demonstrates he’s above the law by violating Partial Stop Work Orders, can we really expect the staff to behave any better?

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