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7-Eleven, the New Guantanamo Bay?

7-Eleven Strip SearchFile this under ‘Only in 7-Eleven.’ A man was restrained, assaulted and strip searched in a Brooklyn 7-Eleven by their employees for allegedly stealing… a candy bar. David Golson is now suing the suing the chain store for “emotional distress” for the extreme manner in which he was treated. 7-Eleven has since fired one of the employees and let the other two employees of the hook with a slap on the wrist. Read all about it here.

This incident is a new low for 7-Eleven, even with recent headlines such as “Armed Robber Wore ‘Bloody Clown Face’ Mask” and “Man used machete to rob State Street 7-Eleven.”


Man Beaten and Stripped for Shoplifting Candy Sues 7-Eleven [NY Mag]
7-Eleven Patron Sues Store After Humiliating Ordeal Goes Viral [Huff Po]

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