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Small Shops Already Feeling the Crunch From 7-Eleven

From the new issue of The Villager:

A new 7-Eleven opened on E. 11th St. and Avenue A on Tues., Oct. 31, despite much opposition from East Village residents in the area. Fitting for the date, Halloween, the store’s appearance was the realization of many neighbors’ worst fears.

Opponents formed the No 7-Eleven campaign, and over the past year, rallied and fought to prevent the store from opening.

In their mission statement, the No 7-Eleven group says they are “taking a stand against the increasing flood of chain stores like 7-Eleven which threaten the free market, damage the local economy and whitewash the character of our communities.”

After the convenience store’s opening, the group held a boycott rally on Sun., Nov. 10, with a turnout of about 20 core supporters.

“We handed out fliers and spoke with people, the vast majority of whom are sympathetic [to our cause]. It’s like a big support group,” said Paul Parks, a leading member of No 7-Eleven. “Many New Yorkers suffer quietly from chain-store fatigue and are excited and heartened to see a group of citizens bringing attention to their concerns.”

Although 7-Eleven is a cheaper alternative to traditional mom-and-pop stores, the majority of local residents The Villager recently polled about the new store agreed with No 7-Eleven. They said they would rather preserve the small businesses in the area than save money.

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