No 7-Eleven

Resisting Chain Stores and Corporate Control

Boycott 7-Eleven Rally + This Week’s Chain News + Events

boycottBoycott 7-Eleven Rally
Sunday, Nov 17th, 1PM-2PM
Corner of 11th Street and Avenue A

This Week’s Chain News

Small shops already feeling the crunch from 7-Eleven [The Villager]

7-Eleven and the East Village [NY Press]

San Francisco to chain stores: Get out! [Salon]

Upcoming Local Events


Formula Retail Community Workshop: November 19th

EVCC invites you to voice your opinion about the current state of chain stores within the East Village. Join EVCC November 19th from 6pm-8pm at the Neighborhood Preservation Center, for a community workshop on Formula Retail. The workshop is open to all but space is limited.


How You Can Help

1. Don’t shop at 7-Eleven!

The easiest thing you can do! Shop at a bodega, a deli, a coffee shop, a grocery store – any place but a 7-Eleven!

2. Sign the petition!

Also super easy! We call on the City Planning Commission and the City Council to amend the city’s zoning text to require that no corporate formula store or bank open a new location without approval from the local community board. Sign now!

3. Join us on social media!

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Please share and re-tweet our posts as often as you can. So easy!

4. Attend a rally!

We are hosting BOYCOTT 7-ELEVEN rallies EVERY SUNDAY at 11th and A from 1-2PM. Please join us!

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