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7-Eleven Thinks Key Copying Service Will Woo Us

7-Eleven The Keymaster!Really 7-Eleven? You have unlimited research resources available to you and the best you can come up with is “I bet those New Yorkers will warm up to us if we let them copy keys with KeyMe kiosks?”

Once again, this is less about what the neighborhood wants or needs and more about 7-Eleven remaining competitive in their market with irrelevant bells and whistles. It didn’t work for Blockbuster when they turned their stores into bargain bazaars of movie related junk instead offering the streaming services people really wanted. It didn’t work for Blackberry when they ignored their customers requests for a touchscreen. Likewise, offering a key copying service won’t save 7-Eleven in NYC.

Oh, and of the 37 Manhattan locations, there are a mere four 7-Elevens that have the KeyMe kiosks yet the trade rags like THE ASSOCIATION FOR CONVENIENCE & FUEL RETAILING are claiming 7-Eleven has already won over New York City with their presumptuous article NEW YORK 7-ELEVEN STORES WIN SUPPORT WITH AMENITIES.

The bodegas – 7-Eleven’s main competition – work because they serve as conveniently located mini grocery stores. 7-Eleven mostly sells products that can be easily purchased at any of the other chain stores we’re inundated with like CVS, Duane Reade and Walgreens. 7-Eleven brings nothing new to the table and serves no purpose in the neighborhood. Trying to be a hardware store isn’t the answer. 7-Eleven, please go back to the highways and interstates where your business model makes sense and leave us be.

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