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Coffee Chain VS Local Coffee Shop

taszoCaffé Bene, a South Korea-based coffee chain, is opening up a new Washington Heights location – right next door to an existing local coffee shop.

Haitem Weslati opened his coffee shop, Taszo Espresso Bar, less than a year ago in an area that had no other coffee shops. He says the location doesn’t have enough foot traffic to sustain two coffee spots right next door to each other and fears the new chain will run him out of business. He tells the NY Daily News:

“It could be the death of the coffee shop,” said the 43-year-old owner of Taszo Espresso Bar on Edward M. Morgan Place near W. 157th St. and Broadway, noting that he had approached the new owners in hopes of demonstrating that both businesses could not be solvent in that location, but he said they were unwilling to discuss ways they might coexist.
“It’s a nightmare,” he added. “There’s not enough foot traffic to sustain two businesses of the same kind. We’re both going to be fighting for the same demographic.”

Caffé Bene also has shops in Times Square, at FIT and in Flushing, Queens.

Read A Coffee Battle Brews in Washington Heights @ NY Daily News.

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