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7-Eleven AC Units Force Residents To Abandon Their Bedrooms

7-Eleven Westminster Illegal AC Units

7-Eleven Westminster Illegal Refrigeration Untis

7-Eleven Westminster Illegal Refrigeration Units

Last week, we had an update on 7-Eleven and Westminster Management’s illegally placed AC and refrigeration units at the newish Avenue A 7-Eleven which, so far, have racked up $17K+ in fines. Today, we hear first hand from tenants who live in these buildings how the plethora of units outside their windows impact their lives, for example, like not being able to sleep in their bedrooms.

Three illegally placed AC units clutter the small alley between 500 and 502 East 11th St. The large, industrial units block the first floor side window of 502 East 11th St and, when active, create a constant hum, banging and vibration (let alone blocking any light that made its way to the first floor window) and establish an unlivable environment for the first floor tenant (of which there is only one).

The illegal refrigeration unit is placed on the one story roof between 500 and 502 East 11th St. immediately outside of the bedrooms of four separate, second floor apartments (two in each building). This unit significantly violates the noise pollution laws (twice cited by the DEP). The noise and vibrations that this unit emits have resulted in tenants in 502 East 11th St. to abandon their bedrooms and re-position their entire family in the living room. The noise is constantly grinding, clicking, and vibrating making it unbearable for ALL the tenants on all the floors between the two buildings — one of whom is a freelance film editor who is now unable to work at home. ALL tenants are suffering in one form or another.

Dozens of calls have been placed to 311. The Department of Environmental Protection has come to take noise measurements two times, each time resulting in a significant violation. Both 7-Eleven and Westminster refuse to relocate the refrigeration unit to either the basement (where it belongs) or to the roof of 500 East 11th St. (a viable alternative).

In one month, the tenants will request another noise reading; and once the violation is issued, Westminster will be taken to court where a judge may require that the refrigeration unit be removed immediately or the establishment (7-Eleven) closed.

7-Eleven has a sore arm from patting themselves on the back recently over their new Amazon lockers and KeyMe kiosks.

“We have to stay on top of what the consumer wants,” said Margaret Chabris, director of public relations at Dallas-based 7-Eleven. “Our ultimate goal is to provide products and services that solve the everyday problems for our customers in making their lives better.” [Source]

Hey Margaret, 7-Eleven has created problems, lots of problems, for the very people you are desperate to win over. The “consumers” and their families want to sleep in their bedrooms. Solve that every day problem.

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