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7-Eleven Franchisee Takes To The Airwaves For Help

Dev Patel - 7-Eleven Stole Our StoreThis week, Dev Patel, the son of Riverside, CA 7-Eleven franchise owners Dilip & Saroj Patel, were guests on the John & Ken Show on Los Angeles talk radio station KFI AM 640 to discuss the recent seizure of their 7-Eleven franchise by 7-Eleven.

In the interview, Patel says last December, 7-Eleven called his parents and requested a sit-down meeting with the franchise owners the following day to discuss financials. Two men from 7-Eleven Asset Protection team sat them in a room and told the couple they had several options:

1. Sign over the store, lose the store, money, investment, equity, etc. or

2. Not give it back and 7-Eleven will sue and take everything any way.

What a deal! 7-Eleven gave them until the end of the day to decide. The corporation claimed the Patel’s were involved in “excessive couponing,” specifically, using 7-Eleven’s Slurpee coupons in a fraudulent manner, paying themselves $1.50 on every Slurpee the Patel’s gave away free via the coupons.

The evidence? A few pages of transactions and 10-15 seconds of video of the franchisees working behind the counter. (7-eleven installs their own camera in franchise locations to keep an eye on things.) According to Patel’s parents, the tape wasn’t clear and they asked to see it again, 7-Eleven denied their request. Patel says he and his family were not given ample time to consult with a qualified franchise attorney to protect their assets.

You can listen to excerpts from the show here at Unhappy Franchisee.


7-Eleven Stole Our Store

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