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7-Eleven Makes Manhattan Borough President Want To Puke

If the sight of another 7-Eleven makes you want to puke, you’re not alone!

Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, was speaking at a CityLaw Breakfast Series event this week regarding the various borough presidents’ priorities, when she was asked a question on promoting local business.

“We have the chain stores. I hate to say this, but if I see one more 7-Eleven, I’m going to throw up. I think it’s a very important issue, particularly for Manhattan,” Ms. Brewer continued. “The other boroughs, to be honest with you, do not have as much of a challenge. Because I asked every single one of my 51 colleagues, ‘Is this a problem?’ And it was primarily in Manhattan.”

7-Eleven currently has 37 locations in Manhattan – up from 8 just a few years ago – and plans an additional 100 locations by 2017. 7-Eleven has shuttered two local businesses – that we know of – Gramercy Corner and Kyung’s Gourmet Deli by opening locations right next door to them.

Ken Barnes, 7-Eleven’s director of northeast regional development, has said “We can’t open more New York locations fast enough. Every neighborhood is a target.” 

7-Eleven’s spokesperson, Margaret Chabris, admits 7-Eleven’s Corporate Manifest Destiny is the result of the bad economy in 2008, stating that, in NYC, “a lot more desirable locations are available because many businesses have had to retract because of the recession.

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