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Yup! There’s A Boycott 7-Eleven Rally Tomorrow!

7-elevenPlease join us for our weekly ‘Boycott 7-Eleven’ rally tomorrow, February 2nd, from 1-2PM at the corner of Avenue A and 11th Street.

This Week’s News

7-Eleven Makes Gale Brewer Want To Puke
Find out what the Manhattan Burrough President said about 7-Eleven this week. Read More.

7-Eleven AC Units Force Residents To Abandon Their Bedrooms
Residents on 11th Street are forced to sleep in their living rooms because 7-Eleven’s illegal AC and refrigeration units are THAT loud. Read More.

Historic Neighborhood Wins Battle Against 7-Eleven
A historic neighborhood in St. Augustine, FL says a 24 hour 7-Eleven would be a traffic nightmare for the pedestrian-friendly businesses as well as the nearby Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind. The planning and building director agrees and says NO to 7-Eleven! Read More.

7-Eleven Franchisee Takes To The Airwaves For Help
This week, Dev Patel, the son of Riverside, CA 7-Eleven franchise owners Dilip & Saroj Patel, were guests on the John & Ken Show on Los Angeles talk radio station KFI AM 640 to discuss the recent seizure of their 7-Eleven franchise by 7-Eleven. Read More.

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