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Franchisee Lawsuit Alleges 7-Eleven “Storm Trooper” Tactics

Dev Patel - 7-Eleven Stole Our StoreVia Unhappy Franchisee

A lawsuit filed against 7-Eleven, Inc. yesterday in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California alleges that the convenience store giant is using “storm trooper” tactics to illegally seize valuable franchise rights from its franchisees in order to resell them for millions of dollars.

The lawsuit, filed by Marks & Klein, LLP of Red Bank, NJ and Schindler Law Group on behalf of long-time 7-Eleven franchisees Dilip and Saroj Patel, alleges that 7-Eleven’s aggressive Asset Protection/Loss Prevention team seized the Patel’s Riverside, CA franchise without warning as “part of a wider, nationwide 7-Eleven scheme to improperly intimidate and terminate long-term franchisees, with the goal of acquiring their successful stores.”

According to the lawsuit (Dilip Patel, Saroj Patel, and Saroj Patel, Inc., v. 7-Eleven, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seven Eleven Japan Co. LTD, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Seven and I Holding Co., LTD.), “the sole purpose of acquiring these stores – albeit through illegal means – is to ‘take back’ the stores, at no cost, with the intent to ultimately re-sell the store, for a fee, to a third-party purchaser.”

“7-Eleven’s efforts to terminate franchisees and take-back stores have been tremendously profitable for 7-Eleven,” the suit alleges.

“…the amount received by 7-Eleven in reselling taken-back stores is in excess of ten million dollars.”

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