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San Mateo Residents Win Battle Against 7-Eleven


SAN MATEO, Calif. (KGO) — There was a big victory on Friday for some neighbors in San Mateo that fought the opening of a 7-Eleven store.

The city reached a settlement with the store’s operators to close their doors at North San Mateo Drive and East Bellevue Avenue. ABC7 News’ Vic Lee has been following this story for more than a year.

As you can imagine, the neighbors we spoke to are absolutely delighted by the settlement and so is the city, which promises that the store’s location will never revert to commercial use again. The only one unhappy is 7-Eleven, which says it did everything possible to be a good neighbor.

“It’s a good ending and hopefully something nice will happen to this property,” said Richard Smith, a neighbor.
In the settlement, the city will pay $150,000 to 7-Eleven and the property owners and the store will close by the end of this month. It’s been an ugly and costly legal battle since 7-Eleven opened its doors just over a year ago. Hundreds of neighbors in the quiet San Mateo neighborhood banded together, signing petitions and demonstrating, asking the city to close it down. They didn’t want a convenience store that’s open all night that might attract the wrong crowd and a lot of unwanted traffic in this family-friendly neighborhood.

“A lot of money’s been spent on both sides and even the neighbors have put up over $40,000 in legal fees. We’re not going to be reimbursed,” said Smith.

“7-Eleven is not a bad company. The 7-Eleven just doesn’t belong here in the middle of the neighborhood,” said Jeff Gilbert, a neighbor.

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