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Resisting Chain Stores and Corporate Control

How Chain Stores Are Changing The Face of NYC

James and Karla MurrayVia Daily Mail

New York City is known for its constant reinvention and renewal, but for photographers James and Karla Murray, some of those changes hurt.

As iconic dive bars give way to fast food outlets, and kosher dairy joints are uprooted for bank chains, the East Village-based couple want to make sure we don’t forget the city’s colorful past.

The snappers photographed mom-and-pop stores everywhere from Harlem to the Lower East Side, to document the Big Apple’s transformation for their 2008 book ‘Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York’.

Now, they’ve returned to those spots to capture the corporate takeover of New York, and have posted the pictures on their Facebook page, James and Karla Murray Photography.

‘We hope this glimpse will bring awareness to the unique character these small mom-and-pop businesses add to the streets and neighborhoods of New York City and the sense of community they provide,’ the Murrays, who have lived in New York for more than 20 years, told HuffPost.

‘These storefronts have the city’s history etched into their facades. We also hope that viewers will frequent small businesses so that they will continue to survive for many more years.’

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