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7-Eleven Pushes 2,500 Locations On Indonesia

7-Eleven to Spend $645m in 2,500-Store Push7-Eleven’s aggressive global expansion continues with another 2,000-2,500 locations planned for Indonesia. The Jakarta Globe reports Modern Internasional, a holding company that owns and operates the 7-Eleven chain in Indonesia, is spending $645 million over the next 10 years to open locations in Jakarta, Bogot, Tangerand, Depok and Bekasi.

Henri Honoris, the president director of Modern Internasional tells the Jakarta Globe 7-Eleven is very interested in “tapping the rising middle income class.” He said the company plans to have 7-Eleven stores in or near apartment buildings, office areas, train stations, hotels, resort areas and gas stations.

7-Eleven to Spend $645m in 2,500-Store Push [Jakarta Globe]

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