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7-Eleven Fights Its Way Into Historic Neighborhood

7-Eleven Fights It's Way Into St. Augustine Florida7-Eleven is fighting a decision that blocked plans for a convenience store in a historic St. Augustine neighborhood.

Back in February, the St. Augustine planning and building director denied the site plan of a proposed 7-Eleven convenience store / gas station combo in the historic neighborhood of Nelmar Terrance. Residents protested the presence of the chain in their historic neighborhood saying the inclusion of a 24 hour 7-Eleven would be a traffic nightmare for the pedestrian-friendly businesses as well as the nearby Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind. But that hasn’t stopped 7-Eleven from trying to bulldoze their way into the neighborhood.

7-Eleven is now fighting the decision in court. On May 2nd, 2014, 7-Eleven filed a petition in the St. John County Court, asking the court to remand the case back to the city.

Via The St. Augustine Record:

James Whitehouse, attorney for 7-Eleven, said the City Commission did not give the modified proposal for the development the review it deserved.

Some residents have fought the development because they say, among other things, the gas station would cause congestion at an already crowded area.

“It was a very political matter with a lot of opposition, and we feel like we didn’t get the appropriate consideration because of that,” Whitehouse said.

Plans to build a 7-Eleven with 12 gas pumps at the intersection were initially denied by the city’s planning and building department director in January. The main concerns with the plan were the driveway width and the turning radius onto San Marco Avenue, which conflicted with city guidelines and Florida Department of Transportation guidelines.

Despite the community making it crystal clear it does not want a 7-Eleven, the developer is moving forward with plans, recently purchasing the land at the site for $850,000.

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