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7-Eleven Embraces Tired Mustache Trend This Summer

7-eleven-mustache-mason-jarsYou know a trend is officially exhausted when 7-Eleven hops on it. This Summer, 7-Eleven is pairing the tired hipster mustache trend – in the form of a straw – with plastic moonshine mason jar cups to sell more Slurpees. The bizarre combination is the brainchild of Laura Gordon, 7-Eleven’s vice president of brand innovation and marketing, who believes these ridiculous items will inspire their customers to create 7-Eleven’s mindless social media content this Summer.

Cut to the Press Release!

“Slurpee-lovers of all ages will have fun sporting their favorite ‘stache straw with a mason jar mug, and enjoying a Slurpee drink is all about fun and flavor,” said Laura Gordon, 7-Eleven vice president of brand innovation and marketing. “While everyone loves Slurpee drinks year-round, summertime is definitely Slurpee season. I suspect we will see lots of Slurpee mustache photos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (@slurpee or @7eleven).

That was more painful than brain freeze.

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7-Eleven® Rolls Out Mustache Straws, Mason Jar Mugs for Slurpee Summer of Fun [Reuters]

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