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Slurpees and Spliffs at Avenue A 7-Eleven

Forget about the Slurpees, fire up the spliffs! Break time just got a lot more chill at the 7-Eleven on Avenue A and 11th Street. A resident of the building caught an employee and two friends smoking a bone in the air shaft behind the building – a mere two feet from residents’ windows.

The bedrooms of the adjacent apartments are practically unlivable because the illegal AC units drone away all day and night. 7-Eleven employee and pals routinely smoke butts in the air shaft, filling the surrounding apartments with cigarette smoke. It’s unclear if 7-Eleven’s company policy allows 7-Eleven employees to invite their friends into the air shaft for a smoke and a toke. Maybe Margaret Chabris knows?


Guess this would explain why they’re so lax about the trash.

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