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Franchisees Call 7-Eleven ‘Almost Pathological’

7-Eleven: The American Nightmare

Via Courthouse News Service

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (CN) – After a Japanese corporation bought the 7-Eleven chain, it began illegal surveillance of franchisees, turned business owners into low-level employees, and pushed out hard-working South Asian immigrant store-owners, transforming “the American Dream into an American Nightmare,” a class action claims in Federal Court.

“Tragically, 7-Eleven has now become a cautionary tale of the dangers of corporate greed in the franchise context,” the complaint states. “7-Eleven has become an unfortunate example of the tragic results that occur when a franchisor ceases to consider its franchisees as valuable, independent contractors and business owners and to see them merely as disposable assets to be exploited for short-term profits, then discarded once their value has been extracted.”

FOAGLA Inc., a franchise owners association, and five 7-Eleven operators filed the lawsuit against 7-Eleven Inc., alleging racial discrimination, invasion of privacy and illegal surveillance retaliation against franchisees, and misclassification of employment relationship with franchisees.

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