No 7-Eleven

Resisting Chain Stores and Corporate Control

About Us

‘No 7-Eleven’ was created by New Yorkers to determine their own neighborhood land use in the service of their community. We intend to defend local commerce and community character from homogenized, corporate chain stores and franchises through publicity, boycotts, education, electoral pressure, legislative rezoning, direct action and community engagement.

Who We Are

The members of ‘NO 7-Eleven’ consist of a couple of well-published local poets who also teach college, several painters, several performers, several photographers, several working moms, including the owner of a thrift shop, a web designer, a social media strategist and the rest work for non profits or for some other boss, like most New Yorkers, outside the neighborhood. No one in ‘NO 7-Eleven’ is in the food business.

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