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7-Eleven’s New Chili Mango Slurpees Are Vomitous

7-Eleven - Mango With A KickIt’s been a while since we checked in on 7-Eleven’s wide range of nauseating, food-like products so when we were tipped off to their latest caloric abomination – the Chili Mango Slurpee – we couldn’t help asking, “who would this product appeal to?” The answer? Nobody!

Cut to the 7-Eleven Facebook page:

“Spicy? That part doesnt sound good at all…”

“This is as stupid as a mango flavored taco…”


“Spicy and slurpee shouldn’t be in the same sentence…”

“It was the worst thing I ever have tasted…”

“Eww who’s idea was this….”

Maybe they should revisit the mashed potato vending machine.

More Than 50% of 7-Elevens in Jakarta Lack Permits

More Than Half of Jakarta 7-Eleven Stores Lack Permits: Jakarta Tourism AgencyOh snap! The Jakarta Tourism Agency says more than half of the 7-Eleven stores in Jakarta are operating without the proper permits.

29 7-Eleven stores didn’t have permits to operate and another 31 lacked permits to sell retail goods in addition to food.

The Jakarta Globe reports:

“The agency has sent a letter to the Public Order Officers [Satpol PP] to seal those 31 outlets,” Jakarta Tourism Agency head Arie Budhiman said on Friday.

According to the law, businesses such as convenience stores, minimarkets, department stores and wholesale outlets require permits known as IUTMs in order to sell retail goods.

Indonesia’s 7-Eleven franchises are operated by Modern Putra Indonesia, a subsidiary of photographic, electronics and telecommunications product retailer Modern Internasional.

Satpol PP has asked several outlets to cease operations but they have remained open, including a store on Jalan Budi Kemuliaan in Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta, which has remained open with a sign in the window saying it was sealed by public order officials.

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo expressed annoyance over the permit issues.

“If a place has been sealed, but it still operates normally, then it shows that we have no authority,” he said on Friday.”That means we are being insulted.”

There seems to be little consistency with 7-Eleven’s involvement in their franchise locations. On the one hand, 7-Eleven franchisees are suing 7-Eleven for being micro-managed to death, and on the other, 7-Eleven corporate was so far removed 7-Eleven allowed human trafficking to flourish up and down the East Coast.

Good job 7-Eleven!

More Than Half of Jakarta 7-Eleven Stores Lack Permits: Jakarta Tourism Agency [Jakarta Globe]