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Neighbors Need Relief From 7-Eleven

7-Eleven New York City location
3 Industrial AC Units Illegal Placed 14 Inches From Tenants Windows

Damaged wall at 170 Avenue A above 7-ElevenApartment Walls Damaged During Construction

So far, 7-Eleven has been nothing but a ball ache for their new neighbors. During the 13-month construction phase of the diabetes-friendly junk food shack, 7-Eleven managed to crack apartment walls and allow a young woman’s apartment to be raided in the middle of the night by 4 men.

Then there’s the industrial AC units, three of them to be exact. 7-Eleven dug deep into the narrow air shaft behind the building to install them. To be up to code, the units need to be at least 14 feet from the residents windows. These units are 14 inches away from the residents windows, their bedroom windows to be exact. There is a New York City Department of Buildings Partial Stop Work Order in effect, which 7-Eleven blatantly disregarded to remove the plywood shed and install their new awning and sign.

Calls to 311 have been made. Council Member Rosie Mendez was also made aware of the problems surrounding the construction and AC units. Her office opened up a case to look into the complaints and closed it a month later without any follow-up information. Just. Plain. Dropped. It. Thanks Rosie!

Will 7-Eleven be allowed to rack up and pay fine after fine for these illegally placed AC units or will someone step up to the plate and help the residents of 170 Avenue A?


7-Eleven New YorkIn case you missed it the new 7-Eleven blew into town over night. Today, 7-Eleven violated several Partial Stop Work Orders by removing the plywood exterior and installing one eye-sore of a sign.

Margaret Chabris, 7-Eleven’s spokesperson, said 7-Eleven has a “special downtown, urban format for our stores that lends itself to Manhattan.” They apparently left it in Texas! They also damaged residents’ apartments, created a crime-friendly exterior and installed 3 industrial AC units in a narrow alley 14 INCHES FROM THE RESIDENTS BEDROOM WINDOWS.

Then tonight, as streets are full of kids and parents trick or treating and almost every store has people handing out candy, a neighbor walks by the new 7-Eleven, which has about 7-8 employees inside. They see a kid walk out with a bag of candy and when asked what he got, he said, “Nuthin.'” Yes, the mecca of junk food doesn’t even give out candy on Halloween.

Let’s give 7-Eleven the warm welcome they deserve with a rally this evening at 9PM sharp at 11th Street and Avenue A. Bring a friend, be LOUD, and let these Texas-based human traffickers know they are not wanted nor needed in our neighborhood!

Above The Law 7-Eleven Does Exterior Work

7-Eleven - New York

Despite several Partial Stop Work Orders, 7-Eleven is currently removing their exterior plywood shed. The street facing Citi bank logo on the ATM is a nice touch BTW. EV Grieve has coverage of the new sign 7-Eleven carted in over night.

It goes without saying we will be holding our weekly BOYCOTT 7-ELEVEN rally this Sunday at the location from 1-2PM.

Work Continues Tonight at 7-Eleven

7-Eleven New York

7-Eleven New York

New photos this evening of the work taking place inside the East Village 7-Eleven. Blue Line contractors can be seen installing counters while a woman lingers by the Slurpee machines, apparently taste testing all of the flavors as well as a selection of candy. What a job! And we hope you washed your hands missy!

Earlier today, the chatty 7-Eleven employees told passer-byers they were planning on opening tomorrow despite not having a sign in place and the store being enveloped in blue plywood. Calls were made to both 311 and the NYC DOB because, if this store opens, a sign will have to go up and the plywood will have to come down and neither of those things can happen – legally – with the Partial Stop Work Orders in place. But this is 7-Eleven, they are above the law!

This is about to get interesting.

Breaking: Workers Move Stuff in 7-Eleven

7-Eleven New York CityA tipster sends in a photo taken a few minutes ago of workers setting up shop inside 7-Eleven. Good luck with that! The plywood exterior surrounding the store can’t be removed until the various Partial Stop Work Orders have been dealt with and unless they can move the offending AC and refrigeration units in the near future, the location isn’t opening. One also has to wonder why the only activity inside 7-Eleven takes place at night.

Update 1: New Video.

Update 2: Workers are now beginning to stock the location with food.