No 7-Eleven

Resisting Chain Stores and Corporate Control


Off the ‘Mark’: East Village 7-Eleven Closes After Furor
New York Post – 12/2/13

That was quick! 7-Eleven shuttered their St. Mark’s Place store on Sunday just 18 months. Opponents feared 7-Eleven would hurt mom and pops and turn the surroundings — already under siege from rising recents — into suburbia. A local blog, “no7eleven,” sprang up to organize rallies and a boycott. Continue reading.

Some Residents Protest Construction Of 7-Eleven In East Village
NY1 – 6/24/2013

A handful of protesters took over the corner of 11th Street and Avenue A Sunday, where a store is being constructed. They say an influx of national chains is ruining the character of the neighborhood and forcing locally owned businesses to close up shop. Continue reading.

As more chains hit the city could mom and pop be in trouble?
am New York – 4/16/2013

An influx of chain restaurants and food shops over the past few years has some New Yorkers decrying a trend of “suburbanization,” as national brands like 7-Eleven, IHOP, Starbucks, Subway and more open in increasing numbers and threaten to push out the mom-and-pop shops that have defined the city for generations. Continue reading.

Chain reaction sparks anti-7-Eleven protest in park
The Villager – 4/11/2013

Manhattan can boast of a dubious achievement: You don’t have far to walk to find a bank, drugstore or chain coffee house. While these businesses occupy almost every corner in town, it’s difficult to find a shoe repair store, tailor or most other basic services within walking distance. Continue reading.

No 7-Eleven on CUNY TV’s show 219West (13 minute mark)
CUNY TV – Original air date 3/13/2013

No 7-Eleven group spreads awareness about neighborhood bodegas
Washington Square News – 2/5/2013

On Feb. 2, a group of 60 East Village residents toured local stores and restaurants as a part of the Bodega Walk in an ongoing protest against the expansion plans of 7-Eleven franchises in the neighborhood. Continue reading.

Anti-7-Eleven Activists Hosting Bodega Tour to Support Local Shops
DNAinfo – 1/31/2013

A walking tour to support local bodegas marks the latest tactic for a group of fed-up East Village residents in their battle against the influx of 7-Eleven chain stores in their neighborhood. Continue reading.

Manhattan, unchained: Fighting 7-Eleven
BBC – 1/30/2013

It is not exactly a social revolution. But residents in New York City’s East Village have launched a protest against corporate America – or specifically, one corporation. Watch video.

Battle Cry for the Bodega
The Atlantic Cities – 1/30/2013

You can tell that 7-Eleven has arrived in New York for real. Not just because of the burgeoning crop of the convenience store’s franchises on the streets of Manhattan (32, with plans for another 100 in the works). Continue reading.

East Village residents gear up for fight over neighborhood 7/11
WABC TV – 1/25/2013

Watch video.

7-Eleven Expansion Riles East Village Neighbors
Commercial Observer – 1/22/2013

When The Commercial Observer spoke with Ken Barnes last month at the International Council of Shopping Centers, the senior director of northeast regional development at 7-Eleven laid out bold plans for the convenience chain’s continued expansion throughout Manhattan. Continue reading.

Save The Bodegas: New Yorkers Fight 7-Eleven’s Manhattan Takeover
International Business Times – 1/20/2013

Leave it to New Yorkers to fight for the right to shop at a bodega. While frequently derided for their grime, unsightliness and lack of elbow room, the tiny, independently run corner stores have long been a staple of New York life. But if 7-Eleven has its way, they may soon be a thing of the past. Continue reading.

East Village Protests Its New but Familiar Neighbor
The New York Times – 1/20/2013

Inside a church in the East Village last week, about 40 people raised alarms about another imminent addition to the ever-changing local landscape. Continue reading.

Chain pain on Lower East Side
Crain’s – 1/20/2013

Lower East Siders have found something they fear and loathe even more than banks and Starbucks—7-Eleven—and they’re not going to take it anymore. Continue reading.

7-Eleven tries to retake Manhattan
Marketplace – 1/19/2013

New York doesn’t exactly have a shortage of places to pick up a snack or newspaper. So it might sound surprising that the maker of the Slurpee is trying to take Manhattan — especially since the last time 7-Eleven planted stakes in Manhattan, a generation ago, it didn’t go so well. Continue reading.

East Village Residents Rally to Fight 7-Eleven’s Arrival
Convenient Store News – 1/18/2013

7-Eleven Inc. significantly expanded its New York City presence during 2012, but that hasn’t discouraged a group of neighborhood activists from fighting plans to open an East Village 7-Eleven on Avenue A and 11th Street. Continue reading.

7-Eleven is ‘Pringle-izing’ East Village, Anti-Chain Advocates Fume
DNAinfo – 1/17/2013

Residents are fighting against a slew of 7-Eleven convenience stores opening in New York City — including a handful of much-maligned outposts in the East Village. Continue reading.

The City Gets 7-Elevened
Wall Street Journal – 11/2/2012

While the dearth of 7-Elevens used to be one of the city’s defining quirks, NYC is now one of the global chain’s “Accelerated Growth Markets,” and we’re getting 7-Elevened like nobody’s business. Continue reading.

(Big) Gulp: Bodegas Fret Over 7-Eleven
Wall Street Journal – 9/24/2012

The 7-Eleven next-door hadn’t opened yet when Kyung Yu started to worry. The owner of Kyung’s Fruit Store in Chelsea for more than 25 years, Mr. Yu even contemplated sending the company a plea for mercy this summer, warning that its arrival could spell doom for his business. Continue reading.

7-Eleven Opens Thousands Of New Stores, Aims For World Domination
Huffington Post – 5/24/2012

In the past year, residents of Nutley, N.J.; West Islip, N.Y.; and Culver City, Calif.; have protested new 7-Elevens, citing potential harm to area businesses and the possibility of unscrupulous late-night visitors. Continue reading.

The Big Gulp – How 7-Eleven plans to put the bodega out of business
New York Magazine – 5/6/2012

If 7-Eleven gets its way, hundreds of Big Bites, hot-dog-shaped cheeseburgers, and Buffalo chicken taquitos will be rotating silently in more than 100 locations on the island by 2017. Continue reading.

7-Eleven launches major assault on Manhattan
Crain’s – 1/7/2011

The Dallas-based convenience store operator hopes to grow to 15 outposts by the end of 2012 and 100 in the next five years; gobbling up good locations courtesy of the recession. Continue reading.

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