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7-Eleven Is Once Again Shanty-Chic

7-Eleven - East VillageJust when you thought the perpetually forthcoming 7-Eleven at Avenue A was cleaning up its act! Last week workers removed the shanty-chic plywood structure surrounding the new 7-Eleven at 170 Avenue A only to rebuild it a little bit smaller. Hopefully this one won’t fall apart.

In other 7-Eleven related news, Bowery Boogie is reporting work has begun on the new 7-Eleven at 403 Grand Street. This 7-Eleven is corporate run/owned and is the second new 7-Eleven within a three block radius.

New 7-Eleven at 403 Grand Street Will be Corporate Location

7-Eleven 403 Grand Street Lower East SideWe’re getting more information this morning from the The Lo-Down regarding the new 7-Eleven coming to 403 Grand Street on the Lower East Side. The most significant news is 7-Eleven has signed a 10 year lease and will be a “corporate” location. A sign was placed in the window of 7-Eleven soliciting franchisees but was quickly removed.

The store has been presented to the community as a “corporate” location. In other instances, 7-Eleven has opened stores, and then later converted them to franchises once local owner/operators were identified. This was the case with another 7-Eleven outpost at 142 Delancey Street. According to the company’s web site, it’s still available as a franchise opportunity. But Seward Park General Manager Frank Durant tells us this morning the Grand Street location is definitely a permanent corporate store, the signage was put up by mistake and it’s going to be removed.

Seward Park General Manager Frank Durant says 7-Eleven plans to solicit feedback from community members about what sorts of products and services people would like to see in the store. 7-Eleven recently opened another location right around the corner at 142 Delancey Street. 7-Eleven plans to open an additional 100 stores in Manhattan.

You can read the whole post here.

New Signs of 7-Eleven’s Arrival at 403 Grand St. [The Lo-Down]