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Alphabet City Residents Furious Over Noise Coming From Nearby 7-11

7-Eleven East Village


It is quite literally the city that never sleeps for residents of Westminster in the East Village.

Tenants filed complaints over noisy air conditioner and refrigerator units that cool the 7-11 convenience store on Avenue A.

They told CBS 2 that they haven’t been able to rest at night since the store opened last year.

“For too many months, Westminster’s concerns about 7-11’s noisy units fell on deaf ears. We completely agree with local residents – the units installed and owned by 7-11 need to be moved, and we’re working to make sure it happens,” a spokesman for Westminster management said.

The store has received violations from the city along with a cease and desist order, but still residents toss and turn.

“It sounds like, in some apartments, you’re living in a wind tunnel,” said state Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan.)

“We’ve had to move out of our bedrooms on the third floor, as well as the first floor, in order to be free of the noise,” another tenant added.

In a statement, 7-11 said that it has been working with the landlord of the property to resolve the issue.

The landlord was scheduled to appear at a hearing of the environmental control board to present a plan for relocating the refrigeration units.

The landlord did not have a comment on Monday night.

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7-Eleven’s Newest Service? Air Shaft Wifi!

7-Eleven Internet CafeNever mind that silly key copying kiosk, the best service to come out of the newish 7-Eleven on Avenue A is the air shaft Internet cafe!

In the past few weeks, 7-Eleven employees have been aggravating their neighbors by filling their apartments with cigarette smoke, pot smoke and covering the streets with garbage. But it looks like the kids are making up for it by opening a free Internet cafe in the air shaft! It seems all one needs to do to gain access is befriend an employee.

All kidding aside, it begs the question – where is the manager?

Slurpees and Spliffs at Avenue A 7-Eleven

Forget about the Slurpees, fire up the spliffs! Break time just got a lot more chill at the 7-Eleven on Avenue A and 11th Street. A resident of the building caught an employee and two friends smoking a bone in the air shaft behind the building – a mere two feet from residents’ windows.

The bedrooms of the adjacent apartments are practically unlivable because the illegal AC units drone away all day and night. 7-Eleven employee and pals routinely smoke butts in the air shaft, filling the surrounding apartments with cigarette smoke. It’s unclear if 7-Eleven’s company policy allows 7-Eleven employees to invite their friends into the air shaft for a smoke and a toke. Maybe Margaret Chabris knows?


Guess this would explain why they’re so lax about the trash.

7-Eleven Employee and Pals Smoke Out Residents



Residents living above the 7-Eleven on 11th Street and Avenue A have had it pretty rough since the chain has become involved with the Westminster managed building. An apartment has been raided by four men in the middle of the night, residents are permanently displaced from their bedrooms because of noisy and illegal AC units feet from their windows, garbage strewn streets and now, they are being smoked out.

A 7-Eleven employee, seen on the left in his uniform and two pals have turned the alley into a smoking lounge, filling the neighboring apartments with cigarette smoke.

How much more do these tenants have to put up with?

7-Eleven AC Units Force Residents To Abandon Their Bedrooms

7-Eleven Westminster Illegal AC Units

7-Eleven Westminster Illegal Refrigeration Untis

7-Eleven Westminster Illegal Refrigeration Units

Last week, we had an update on 7-Eleven and Westminster Management’s illegally placed AC and refrigeration units at the newish Avenue A 7-Eleven which, so far, have racked up $17K+ in fines. Today, we hear first hand from tenants who live in these buildings how the plethora of units outside their windows impact their lives, for example, like not being able to sleep in their bedrooms.

Three illegally placed AC units clutter the small alley between 500 and 502 East 11th St. The large, industrial units block the first floor side window of 502 East 11th St and, when active, create a constant hum, banging and vibration (let alone blocking any light that made its way to the first floor window) and establish an unlivable environment for the first floor tenant (of which there is only one).

The illegal refrigeration unit is placed on the one story roof between 500 and 502 East 11th St. immediately outside of the bedrooms of four separate, second floor apartments (two in each building). This unit significantly violates the noise pollution laws (twice cited by the DEP). The noise and vibrations that this unit emits have resulted in tenants in 502 East 11th St. to abandon their bedrooms and re-position their entire family in the living room. The noise is constantly grinding, clicking, and vibrating making it unbearable for ALL the tenants on all the floors between the two buildings — one of whom is a freelance film editor who is now unable to work at home. ALL tenants are suffering in one form or another.

Dozens of calls have been placed to 311. The Department of Environmental Protection has come to take noise measurements two times, each time resulting in a significant violation. Both 7-Eleven and Westminster refuse to relocate the refrigeration unit to either the basement (where it belongs) or to the roof of 500 East 11th St. (a viable alternative).

In one month, the tenants will request another noise reading; and once the violation is issued, Westminster will be taken to court where a judge may require that the refrigeration unit be removed immediately or the establishment (7-Eleven) closed.

7-Eleven has a sore arm from patting themselves on the back recently over their new Amazon lockers and KeyMe kiosks.

“We have to stay on top of what the consumer wants,” said Margaret Chabris, director of public relations at Dallas-based 7-Eleven. “Our ultimate goal is to provide products and services that solve the everyday problems for our customers in making their lives better.” [Source]

Hey Margaret, 7-Eleven has created problems, lots of problems, for the very people you are desperate to win over. The “consumers” and their families want to sleep in their bedrooms. Solve that every day problem.

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Newish 7-Eleven Still a Bad Neighbor

7-Eleven East VillageHappy New Year! We’re back! And rejuvenated!

So what’s new? 7-Eleven is continuing to be a bad neighbor. We know, we know, how shocking!

The fine purveyors of glow-in-the-dark fake food failed to shovel or salt their sidewalks after yesterday’s snow storm. A neighbor passes along photos via EV Grieve showing the mess outside the Avenue A junk food shack, noting the 11th Street sidewalk is particularly dangerous.

This particular 7-Eleven has been nothing but problems for neighbors.

Construction stopped for months at a time, leaving the corner looking like the South Bronx of the late ’70s. Three industrial sized AC units were installed a mere 14 inches from the bedroom windows of one building. Several Partial Stop Work Orders were issued which 7-Eleven violated multiple times, first to complete construction and second to remove the exterior sidewalk shed to open. During the 13-month construction phase, 7-Eleven managed to crack apartment walls and allowed a young woman’s apartment to be raided in the middle of the night by 4 men.

Recently, 7-Eleven’s uncontrollable employees and/or their friends have harassed local businesses for hanging ‘Boycott 7-Eleven’ fliers in their windows, threatened neighbors who attended our boycott rallies and vandalized the bathroom walls of one local business with paint.  The last incident is being investigated by the police.

Oh 7-Eleven, it’s going to be a long year, isn’t it?