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7-Eleven Execs Meet with Grand Street Residents

7-Eleven 403 Grand Street - NYCThe Lo-Down: 7-Eleven Execs Meet with Grand Street Residents (And Yes, Slurpees are Kosher)

Last summer, the Seward Park Cooperative, which owns a commercial strip east of Essex Street, signed a long-term lease with 7-Eleven, after a group of residents opposed to the presence of more chain stores on the LES unsuccessfully tried to find an alternative tenant. Construction finally got underway a few weeks ago. The corporation, in the midst of a major New York City expansion, came to hear feedback about potential products to be sold in the store and other issues.

The gathering in a co-op community room was led by Scott Teachenor, who oversees around 150 stores in New York City and surrounding areas. He said the Grand Street location will be a corporate training center and, as such, will never become a franchise operation. Because it’s going to be a training site, the store, he said, “will be held to an extremely high standard.” A July 25 opening date is anticipated, although that could be pushed back depending on the pace of construction.

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7-Eleven’s Seward Park Co-op Community Input Event

Tomorrow night 7-Eleven is hosting a ‘Community Input Event’ at Seward Park Co-op. 7-Eleven is opening a location at 403 Grand Street despite local protests. The chain store is soliciting feedback from their new neighbors as to how their new store can better accommodate the needs of the neighborhood. Per the Seward Park Co-op email:

7-Eleven 403 Grand Street Manhattan

7-Eleven Is Once Again Shanty-Chic

7-Eleven - East VillageJust when you thought the perpetually forthcoming 7-Eleven at Avenue A was cleaning up its act! Last week workers removed the shanty-chic plywood structure surrounding the new 7-Eleven at 170 Avenue A only to rebuild it a little bit smaller. Hopefully this one won’t fall apart.

In other 7-Eleven related news, Bowery Boogie is reporting work has begun on the new 7-Eleven at 403 Grand Street. This 7-Eleven is corporate run/owned and is the second new 7-Eleven within a three block radius.

New 7-Eleven at 403 Grand Street Will be Corporate Location

7-Eleven 403 Grand Street Lower East SideWe’re getting more information this morning from the The Lo-Down regarding the new 7-Eleven coming to 403 Grand Street on the Lower East Side. The most significant news is 7-Eleven has signed a 10 year lease and will be a “corporate” location. A sign was placed in the window of 7-Eleven soliciting franchisees but was quickly removed.

The store has been presented to the community as a “corporate” location. In other instances, 7-Eleven has opened stores, and then later converted them to franchises once local owner/operators were identified. This was the case with another 7-Eleven outpost at 142 Delancey Street. According to the company’s web site, it’s still available as a franchise opportunity. But Seward Park General Manager Frank Durant tells us this morning the Grand Street location is definitely a permanent corporate store, the signage was put up by mistake and it’s going to be removed.

Seward Park General Manager Frank Durant says 7-Eleven plans to solicit feedback from community members about what sorts of products and services people would like to see in the store. 7-Eleven recently opened another location right around the corner at 142 Delancey Street. 7-Eleven plans to open an additional 100 stores in Manhattan.

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New Signs of 7-Eleven’s Arrival at 403 Grand St. [The Lo-Down]

Incoming: 7-Eleven on Grand Street

7-Eleven - 403 Grand Street, New York, NYWe are hearing from our friends at Bowery Boogie that 7-Eleven is opening another location at 403 Grand Street on the Lower East Side. Despite local backlash against the presence of a 7-Eleven at this location, the Seward Park Co-op board caved and is allowing a 7-Eleven to occupy the space. Residents have already begun to vocalize their contempt for 7-Eleven.

“Welcome 7-11 and junk food, corporate greed, trash + crime,” reads a Post-it left on the storefront.

This will make the second 7-Eleven location in the area. The Texas-based company recently opened a location around the corner at 142 Delancey Street. 7-Eleven’s aggressive expansion plan calls for 100 new locations in Manhattan by 2017. Ken Barnes, 7-Eleven’s director of northeast regional development, recently told the Commercial Observer “We can’t open more New York locations fast enough. Every neighborhood is a target.”