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7-Eleven the Corporate Cannibal

7-Eleven Portland, OregonManhattan’s mom-and-pop shops aren’t the only ones feeling the pain of 7-Eleven’s aggressive nationwide expansion. A 7-Eleven franchise owner in Portland, Oregon is worried about a new 7-Eleven opening a mere 10 blocks away from his franchise. And it gets worse. 7-Eleven also has plans to open 15 more stores in the area.

Tyger Saleh, a 7-Eleven franchise owner said the company claimed it wouldn’t build another store with-in a half-mile of his franchise. Naturally 7-Eleven tells a different story. 7-Eleven says they never made such a promise and spokesperson Margaret Chabris says clusters of 7-Eleven’s can actually be prosperous.

“A typical 7-Eleven store draws traffic from a quarter-miles radius,” said 7-Eleven corporate media spokesperson Margaret Chabris. “We have 7-Eleven stores down and across the street from each other that are quite prosperous.

The threat of 15 more 7-Eleven locations has made the franchise some unlikely new allies – the protesting residents in King, Vernon and St. Johns who also don’t want to see any new 7-Eleven’s in the area. They are concerned about the chain draining profits from their mom-and-pop shops and delivered a petition with 2,000 signatures to St. Johns’ City Councilor Amanda Fritz. Unfortunately the city isn’t allowed to consider such petitions.

How’s that for franchise incentive?

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