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Chik-fil-A Is Sorry About That Whole Anti-Gay Marriage Fiasco

Dan Cathy - Gay OK!

Gay OK! Chik-fil-A is distancing themselves from their anti-gay rhetoric as they prepare for a Manhattan expansion.

Chik-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy is trying hard to distance the company from the PR crisis he created two years ago as his fast-food chain plans a Millienial-aimed Manhattan expansion. Cathy tells USA Today that he’s “more wise” than he was a few years when he went on media rampage saying the nation is inviting God’s wrath for supporting gay marriage.

The chain just surpassed KFC, becoming the nation’s largest chicken chain so of course a Manhattan expansion is in the works. And while flaming the anti-gay fire may work well in other parts of the country, in New York City, not so much, which is why the chain has stopped donating millions of dollars to charitable groups opposed to gay marriage. “The politics of their Southern Baptist values will not transcend their core markets,” says Christopher Muller, professor of hospitality at Boston University.

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