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7-Eleven’s New Chili Mango Slurpees Are Vomitous

7-Eleven - Mango With A KickIt’s been a while since we checked in on 7-Eleven’s wide range of nauseating, food-like products so when we were tipped off to their latest caloric abomination – the Chili Mango Slurpee – we couldn’t help asking, “who would this product appeal to?” The answer? Nobody!

Cut to the 7-Eleven Facebook page:

“Spicy? That part doesnt sound good at all…”

“This is as stupid as a mango flavored taco…”


“Spicy and slurpee shouldn’t be in the same sentence…”

“It was the worst thing I ever have tasted…”

“Eww who’s idea was this….”

Maybe they should revisit the mashed potato vending machine.