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Diabetes? There’s a 7-Eleven App for That!

7-Eleven App If you’re searching for your next sugar high 7-Eleven has an app for that! While 7-Eleven’s PR machine is busy talking about the new fresh foods they offer, their Twitter account is talking sugar. Massive amounts of sugar.

The Texas-based 7-Eleven is desperate to reinvent themselves as a purveyor of healthy eating options, especially as they push their way into Manhattan, but the truth is they are all about junk food. A recent tweet by 7-Eleven offers a free Snickers candy bar to people willing to download the 7-Eleven app. To save you the time of downloading an app geared towards the sophisticated palates of young kids and stoners, the 7-Eleven app is nothing more than a store locator with large ads for junk food like donuts, chips, soda, caramel cube coffee, hot chocolate and cookies. “Refresh. Restore. Revitalize.” Regurgitate!

7-Eleven App - Donuts

7-Eleven App - Chips

7-Eleven App - Soda

7-Eleven App - Caramel Mocha

7-Eleven App - Hot Chocolate

7-Eleven App - Cookies

The junk food app contradicts the healthy new image 7-Eleven wants so badly to cultivate. In a recent article on The Global Fruit, a website nobody has heard of, 7-Eleven talks about its “renewed focus on fresh, prepared foods” with packaging and graphics “designed to appeal to Millennial consumers.” No word on who will pay for their insulin.