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7-Eleven Opens 3,600-Sq.-Ft Junk Food Cave in Flatiron

7-Eleven 182 Fifth AvenueDNAinfo is reporting on yet another 7-Eleven opening, this time in the Flatiron district. The 3,600-Sq.-ft. 7-Eleven located at 182 Fifth Avenue sells – you guessed it – a lot of junk food and features a Slurpee station.

The first floor, which includes a sprawling coffee and Slurpee station, spans about 2,700 square feet, with the mezzanine floor made up of 900 square feet featuring seven tables with chairs.

Despite the size, the store’s offerings remain the same with hot dogs, pizza and empanadas, as well as a section for prepackaged cold sandwiches to take out.

Turnpike dining right on Fifth Avenue! Nothing is too good for us! So much for those healthy eating options Margaret Chabris.

7-Eleven Opens Two-Story, 3,600-Sq.-Ft. Superstore with Slurpee Station [DNA info]