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7-Eleven Withdraws After Opposition

7-Eleven Freeport Long IslandIt’s a bad week to be 7-Eleven. Yesterday we learned that residents of Merrick berated developers over a controversial new 7-Eleven that’s planned. Today, residents of Freeport have successfully fought off a fifth 7-Eleven fearing it would hurt local business.

Developers with plans to build a fifth 7-Eleven in Freeport have withdrawn their application after the village board of zoning appeals refused to grant them an extension to respond to community opposition. Residents say the area does not need another convenience store.

“We just don’t need another of those stores in the village, certainly not in that area,” said Douglas Mayers the leader of the NAACP in the village and of the Long Island Caribbean-American Association. “It would also hurt many local businesses.”

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