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7-Eleven Displaces Local Business in Gramercy

7-Eleven at 247 Third AveWord from Jeremiah at Vanishing New York is a 7-Eleven located at 247 3rd Avenue forced out Gramercy Corner. The owners of the local business reported a 25%-30% drop in business after 7-Eleven opened right next door. From Vanishing New York:

“Last summer, an invading 7-Eleven pushed out a local convenience store from the corner of 20th St. and 3rd Ave. The owner of Gramercy Corner reported at the time that 7-Eleven had taken away 25-30% of his business. Luckily, he found a new spot nearby, albeit a much smaller one.”

What is moving into the location? Orange Leaf fro-yo, another chain! This one based in Oklahoma. Again to Vanishing:

Orange Leaf, like 7-Eleven and so many other chains, is spreading rapidly and aggressively, a fact they celebrate. Their website announces “235 stores and 138 coming” and “new stores open every week!” It features a map with the slogan, “We came, we conquered.” In New York City, they’ve got 5 stores “coming spoon!” [sic], including this one.”

Similarly, last September the owner of Kyung’s Deli and Fruit Stand in Chelsea also reported a 25% drop in business since 7-Eleven opened right next door to him.

“I don’t know. I don’t know why they do that to me?” he says as he stands in the corner deli in Chelsea he’s owned for years.  After 7-Eleven opened next door recently, his sales are down 25 percent. “Time by time, little by little, they’re taking my customers,” he laments.

So much for these areas being “underserved.”


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