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7-Eleven and the Jobs Creation Myth

Guest post from Rob at the blog Save The Lower East Side

NO 7-Eleven has pointed out that 7-Eleven, with its self-service model, minimizes employment. Here are the figures to compare.

Tompkins Square Bagels (across the street from the projected 7-Eleven at 170 Avenue A) employs 6 persons per weekday shift, 2 shifts, 10 people per shift weekends; total: 21 full time equivalent positions, all behind the counter (no waiters/tips) all $10/hr. The store is only half the size of a 7-Eleven which employs only 7-10 positions per store, so TSP Bagels employs 4 to 6 times (!) as many people as 7-Eleven, and all at a higher pay scale (I asked the guys behind the counter themselves, so it’s not management BS).

I also looked at Fresh & Co., which is about the size of a 7-Eleven – 20 people per shift, 2 shifts, including weekends, all behind-the-counter (no waiter/tips) and well over minimum wage (except the delivery guys — they get tips so the law exempts them from the minimum wage, like waiters). Total: 56 full time equivalent positions, not counting delivery staff. It employs 5-8 times (!!) as a 7-Eleven. 7-Eleven is actually one of the worst franchises from a labor/employment point of view.

But this is kind of obvious, no? Huge store, self-service: minimal jobs, close to minimum wage. Isn’t that what 7-Eleven is all about? And corporate packaged junk food. What an asset to the global landscape!

7-Eleven and Jobs [Save The Lower East Side]